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Dear Prospective Applicant,

Welcome to the Student Alumni Association's Online Application! I would like to thank you in advance for your interest in our organization. The purpose of this letter is to inform you, the prospective applicant, of the process of applying for membership into SAA.

The application process is divided into two parts, the online written application and the interview.

PART I: The Online Written Application

Please make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when completing the online application.

This is the first step in the application process. The online written application is split into the following four sections:

  1. Student Information: This section will collect contact and academic information about you such as class year, major, minor, and GPA. Please allow 5 minutes to complete this section.
  2. Activities: This section will collect information about previous activities, jobs, and organizations that you have been involved with. Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete this section.
  3. Short Answer Questions: This section will ask you to respond five short answer questions. Answers are typically 3-6 sentences in length (although more never hurts!) and like the rest of the application should exhibit proper spelling and capitalization. Please allow 20-25 minutes to complete this section.
  4. Mentor Matching Sheet: Finally, we will have a few personal questions for you to help match you with your own mentor. This section has no bearing on your application into the SAA, so be honest in your responses!

Based on the breakdown above, you should set aside approximately 45 minutes to complete this application. You will not be able to save the application. Should you decide to close the application before clicking the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the application, nothing will be submitted and you will have to fill out the entire application again.  We suggest you type out your answers into a Microsoft Word document and then copy them into the appropriate fields on the SAA application page.  This way, if you have trouble submitting your application you will not have to re-type your short answers.

Each written application submitted will be sent to the Executive Board for review. Please complete all fields to the best of your ability.

PART II:The Interview

After reviewing each written application, the Executive Board will select applicants to move on to the interview process. Those who are not selected for an interview are invited to re-apply next fall.

Before you begin, I would like to encourage you to explore the rest of this website, specifically the About Us, Events, and Pictures sections to get a better idea of what SAA does, and what being a member of SAA would mean for you. Once you feel you are ready to begin the application process, please click the "Begin Application" button below to fill out the online written application.

Should you have any questions at any point about SAA or the application process please feel free to contact me at You can also stop by our table at the Organization Fair to speak with some SAA members about their experience with SAA.

Again I thank you for your interest in our organization and I look forward to receiving your application.

Best Regards,

Cam Burke '14
Vice President of Public Relations
Bryant University Student Alumni Association